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Tea can be so different: warming, when you‘re cold; cooling, when you‘re hot; invigorating, when you‘re weak; soothing, when you‘re tense.


Tea has been our job for over a decade. We know how to blend tea for specific features you need keeping in mind tea mastery has a room for creativity. You can be sure to entrust our tea experts with developing your private tea label starting from choice of tea and tea blends and all the way down to package design and marketing support.

Our services


about-icon1  Contract tea manufacturing in accordance with specifications of our customer.

Our company can offer you contract tea manufacturing in accordance with your specifications. It will be a full manufacturing cycle starting from bulk tea and consumables sourcing and ending up with output production and delivery.


about-icon2  Turn-Key Private Tea Label

Our tea experts can develop a turn-key tea assortment for you including bulk tea selection, blending, package design and a marketing strategy – all conforming to latest market trend.


about-icon2  Tea Line Development

Our technical facilities enable all kind of tea blending.


about-icon2  Storage

Tea demands delicate storage. Universal Food Technologies Ltd uses a leading-edge A Class warehousing complex of 11 000 sq. m in area with automated WMS and wireless cargo processing terminals. You can rest assured that your tea is stored in clean and well-aired warehouses with relative humidity never exceeding 70%.

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